Layers+Dynamic Property


I have a question about designing.

A sub-menu with seven orders appearing on the leader’s counter. When one order is chosen the previous one is removed.

I have made seven layers and player can chose them through sub-menu. To remove a previous order player has to use special command from the sub menu.

I was told I can do this with one layer and dynamic properties with previous orders automatically being cleared…
So I put all order graphics in one layer with seven levels. I choose ‘levels follow property values’, put ‘orders’ in property name.
What else?
I have named dynamic properties ‘orders’, but have little idea what to do else.

Perhaps someone can give me a link to vassal module which has such thing already so I could learn from it? I appreciate any help. Thanks!

Unless they’ve changed it, the variable used to adjust a layer must be numeric. So I’d set it up this way.

Keep in mind that traits on a game piece operate from the bottom up so the first trait listed here should be the last listed in the pieces traits.

Always Active - Checked
Levels follow property values - Checked
Property Name - OrderNum

Dynamic Property
Name - OrderNum
Is Numeric - checked
Min Value 1
Max Value 7
Key Commands
Menu Command (Order 1) - SHIFT 1 - Set value directly to 1
Menu Command (Order 2) - SHIFT 2 - Set value directly to 2
…and so on for all 7 orders

Submenu - List the Menu Command names

Now, when an order is selected in the submenu, it should apply a numeric value for that order to the dynamic property “OrderNum” and the layer should change automatically.

Does that make sense?

It is working. Thank you very much! :smiley:

Yes, I have found that sometimes commands work if I change their order on list, but here I do not have any problems first trait listed here is first and last is last, and it is o.k.


I have another polite request of help :blush: .

A layer appearing/dissapearing on group of my counters (specific corps) when specific layer appears/dissapears on specific other counter (leader of the specific corps).

Can it be done?
This layer which was to be check if appeared/dissapeared is part of multi-layer.

If I’m correct in what you’re saying, when a leader of a specific corp changes layers, you want all the others counters within that specific corp to change layers, as well.

If that’s what you want, then what you’d do is place a Marker Trait on all the units for a specific group. For example:

CorpName = DeltaTeam

You would then set up some sort of trigger to fire a Global Key Command to send a command to property filter

CurrentMap = (name of the map your counters are on) && CorpName = DeltaTeam

Have it affect ALL pieces

It will then fire a command to all pieces in that corp that are on the map.

Thank you very much!

I add few more triggers & global key commands and when I change to different layer on leader counter, the layer which appeared on combat unit counter is reseted :slight_smile:. I hope I will not get lost with all those keyboards shortcuts :confused: .

Yeah, you can get lost with the key commands and if you use a lot, you’ll probably want to keep some notes. You’ll usually be OK if you don’t use the same key twice on a piece or in a sequence that may address that piece.

The next version of Vassal (3.2) is supposed to allow us to use Keywords as well as key commands. That will be an awesome improvement. :slight_smile: