Letting player specify "Send to Location" destination?

Apologies if this is answered elsewhere. I couldn’t find anything in the forums matching this.

I’d like to create a trait that uses the “Send to Location” function, but prompts the player to enter the destination hex for the piece. It feels like this should be doable with modal prompts. Am I missing some fundamental limitation of the vassal interface?


I think the trait you are looking for is called “Multi-Location Command” - see https://vassalengine.org/doc/latest/ReferenceManual/MultiLocationCommand.html#top.


I would simply wrap two things inside a Trigger Action. First the setting of a Dynamic Property, which lets you prompt a user and get them to input something. Then the actual Send to Location, with a destination that you just set in the Dynamic Property.

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That works great! (Though I did need to learn about Trigger Actions and Dynamic Properties. :wink: )