Limit on Fonts

Is there a limit to the number of Fonts one can define? I created some new fonts yesterday for some new coutner I needed to create. These did not show up on any counters that I copied and pasted. I figured out that one needs to create a new counter to get the list to refresh itself, which is weired in and by itself.

What I also discovered was that the list did not show all the new and existing fonts I had…and when I bumped some up I noticed that it would add this newer font in. I also noticed that the last created font did not apprear, so I created a new font under it and then it appeared.

Also, when one names the various Panels in the Panel Creation Routine, one needs to add a space after the last letter so that VASSAL does not cut of the last letter in the panel label. Weired…

Any ideas why this stuff goes on?