List the cards in a deck/stack

I’m building a game with lots of technology cards and several discard piles similar to Lost Cities.

During the game, Cards from Age 1, will get discarded into an Age 1 Discard pile. Players are free to look through the discard pile to see what the top several cards are there. Then they can either 1) draw the top card the discard pile, or 2) shuffle the entire discard pile back into the Age 1 deck.

I’m trying to find a (player friendly) way to list the cards in the discard pile in order. (And the discard pile could be rather large, maybe 50 cards is the larger side.)

I can see 2 ways to accomplish this.

A. Make a region (Age 1 Discard).
– When in the ‘discard location’ the card displays a Text Label with the name of the card.
– Adjust the stacking options for the map so that when discarded, they display the names of the cards in order.
– Then instead of just grabbing the top card in the stack, the player has to double click the stack to select the top card.
–Command can be added to cards to send all cards at x location (region) to the draw deck. (Or drag and drop).

B. Make a discard deck.
–This makes it easier to draw the top card.
–And it is easy to ‘Include command to send entire deck to another deck.’
–Players could ‘right click’ to draw specific cards and see the order of the cards, but this is less user friendly.

Is there another way to make a list of the cards in a deck (in order)?

In this game, it is open information the contents and order of the deck.
Thanks for your help in advance.

Oh, what property would indicate location in a stack?

I.e. I could make a button to deal one/ several cards from a deck.
But if I made a button to send a card from a stack, what property would I call to say it is on top?

I don’t think such a property exists.

So no property to note position in a stack.

Any way to list all the cards in a deck?

Or C:

  1. Make a discard stack (Region Discard_Age_1_S)that shows the name of the card in top left corner and it is aligned to be visible only when it is in the stack. (This shows the names of all the cards in the discard pile.)
  2. Make a small deck (Discard_Age_1_D) that is very close by.
  3. Then make a button that triggers a ‘draw card script.’
    3a. Move stack to the deck.
    3b. Draw the top card and send it to the player board.
    3c. Move the stack back to the ‘stack location’ (might need to reverse it first?)

Since a player could draw an Age 1 Card, Age 1 Discard Card, Age 2 card… all as part of the same draw action, or the player could just draw three Age 1 cards.

I like that the deck would let me draw cards, or automatically draw the top card.
And I like a stack will let me see the list of all the cards there (but is hard) to automate the drawing process.

You might experiment with the Game Piece Inventory Window (or several such windows, one for each deck.) It should give you a list of all cards in a deck if you set the filter properties correctly. And you could let players trigger the right-click menu of each card right from the GPI window.

I’m not sure how it would work in terms of the order of the cards, however, but could very well fit the bill.

That is a cool idea. I keep fiddling with it. But it doesn’t seem to keep the order of the cards very well.

  1. So far the A seems to be the most straight forward visually. Make a region and stack the cards on it. (Inventory is a good way to see a list of the cards in an alternative fashion.)

  2. But the Deck using ‘right click’ select a specific card does show the cards in order of the deck. And I just like the automation possible with a deck, and the ability to easily draw cards from the top of the deck.