Locking a Game Piece Palette

With all the card driven games out there, is there a way to lock a palette? to prevent players from drawing units off it?

I want the players to be able to see all the cards that are in a deck. The actual deck is already populated with the correct cards and numbers of each. I don’t want the players to be able to grab cards off a palette and add them to the deck.

I was thinking i could use the images of the cards but have the “units” in the palette have no commands except a “Text Label” that says “not for game use”.

Any other ideas?

In the Game Piece Palette component, you can check the ‘Hidden (requires restart)’ box. This will remove the Game Piece Palette display completely when playing the module.

I understand him asking if a palette can be visible (as a way of browsing the card inventory) but locked from taking anything out of it. Maybe there’s a funky thing you can do to instantly delete whatever you pull out of it, but I think a totally different approach would be preferred, e.g. putting this information in documentation.

This requirement brings to mind the card manifest for Here I Stand, which is a brilliant tool for players of that game. You can view it here.

If you really want to use a palette; put a trigger on the cards, filtered on {OldMap==""} and watching for any move key commands, with the action being delete.

A chart or set of charts would be one way along the lines of a documentation approach.

You could use a player hand window (viewable but not accessible to players). Maybe overkill for what is described here. Advantage is that it would keep open the possibility of limited interactions with the window, if that were a requirement.

I had a similar issue with the module I was updating, some items from the palette where limited in numbers, while others were infinite.

I ended up making a copy of the piece palette and labeling the one that had everything as “Designer Palette” (and then hid it from players) and the other as “Player Palette” (and then deleted all the items I didn’t want players adding to a game in progress).

Alternatively, you could simply hide the palette and add a chart that shows the card distribution as static information.