Locking a Layer

I am trying to make it so that the pieces in a certain layer can’t be moved. it seems like there are a lot of options, but I could use some pointers.

The idea is that I have a set of game pieces that get placed at the beginning of the game and then should not be moved or affected for the rest of the game.

I was thinking that a keystroke could lock or unlock the layer, but I dont know how to implement that.

Give each of those pieces a Does Not Stack trait and set the settings for both Move and Select to Never.

If the pieces need to be positioned at the beginning of the game, you can make two copies of the pieces - one as described by Dr. Nostromo, and the other movable. Give the movable pieces a ‘Replace With Other’ trait to substitute the unmovable pieces after they’ve been positioned; this can then be triggered either via right-clicking individual pieces, or via a global key command to all pieces in the layer simultaneously. If you want to be able to unlock the layer as well, just give the unmovable pieces a Replace With Other pointing back to the movable pieces.

That solved the problem, much appreciated!