Log Sheet and totaling numbers

I want to total across (every row) and then down the Blue areas… and the totals in the Red areas.

Players will enter various numbers in the Blue areas.

How can I do this? I am stumped.

Vassal is not really designed to do, and id difficult to build, very game specific stuff like this.

Typically, this has been handled in individual games in the past by someone writing a custom Java component, if the programming skills are available. Which, if it can be made general-purpose, will then be folded into core Vassal.

You MAY (!) be able to do something in Vanilla Vassal with at-start stacks, action buttons, labels and Dynamic Properties, but it will be a NIGHTMARE to build and maintain.

I would suggest building it as an Excel (or Google Doc) spreadsheet and distributing it as a Player Aid with the module. It is something that players have to move to another window and fill in, so that ‘other’ window could be outside Vassal.


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If you really want to try it, I would create a Global Property for each cell, and then an at-start stack piece in each cell which shows the value of the GP, or allows it to be edited. The totals are then pieces with Dynamic Properties that total the individual GP’s and display them in Labels.

Performance will not be good with the number of DP’s you need to achieve this.

I believe that what you want to do is possible. See this tip/trick How to calculate total of numeric Property of all pieces in particular location/state. - Vassal (vassalengine.org)
I have adapted this tip to perform various functions in m y World in Flames modules. See attached pics. With my implementation each of those little counters with flags have a value of 1. There is no reason at all you can a variations of these with different values. Feel free to download one the modules using the ‘here’ links from the Vassal World in Flames modules area to better ascertain how I have done it.

Thank you everyone, I will attempt what palad0n’s way for this.


Lat me know if you need help. Somethings can be a daunting at first.

I happened to have a look at the rules for this game and started to do some preliminary module build. You will have your work cut out to do the individual line totals. You’ll need 46 zones (1 per row) and GPs. If you opt, instead, for just the grand total that’s easy as. I’d suggest also a Chart with a map for each SUB type contained within. If you add in a month/Year tracker, combined with some counters or something to denote hull damage level and number of inoperable systems, you could automate the month/year tracker to account for repair time. You can also then use the month/year tracker to ‘name’ each row and then the sunk total tonnage in the end row to sum only those sunk counters in that row. Me, the end game is total tonnage sunk, so I would opt for (at least initially) for the grand total of tonnage sunk.

That is to much work…
I’m just going to go with standard text, and the player do the math instead.

But thank you.

OK. But now that I’ve got interested I’m downloading your module for a look see. I might even involve myself with playing. I still have another U Boat solitaire game - Wolfpack. I’ve lost quite a few of the counters over the decades, but I did enjoy playing that one.
I like a challenge.

Version 2.1 dated 19/3/2014? That is the latest version?

2.1 is the current version of the module.
NOTE: I did not make it, I was modifying it is all.

NOTE 2: This is my FAVORITE game of all!

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Having opened the module for a look, I think that it is broken. While adding a ship, say a small freighter, to the patrol log provided, the only counter that increments is the number of ‘ships’ and the ‘tonnage sunk’ value remains at 0. All I need to do then is to remedy this situation.
The method used by the module developer is flawed in that it does not fully accord with the tips and tricks mentioned earlier on in this post. I’ll have a rat around to see what I need to do to fix it.

Yes, and this is why I want the original log inserted into the module.

The version in the module does not give an details on the mission and I have never liked it.

Oh. I went ahead and got the tonnage total, etc working. Uploaded to google drive.

Now re your other issue with recording the mission, and other records. How about some extra counters, or even just 1 counter that you can edit to whatever the mission is or refit, etc. Said counter of a size that fit underneath the appropriate month/year box. should not be too hard for me to do that.

Version now 2_2. Added a small game piece called messagesetc. There are now also self centering grids underneath each of the month/year boxes. Just drag out the new game piece and drop into these zones. Access change text via right click menu or CTRL \ via keyboard.

One more thing. Version 2_2 needs Vassal 3.6.2 to operate.

Updated to version 2.3. Was not happy with decrementing the month/year box tonnage totals. There was the potential for it not decrement properly if a freighter/tanker was just moved to the patrol log part of the displayed maps and then returned back to its pile.