Looking for opponents, any game

Hello! I am looking for an opponent for any game. If I do not have it please send me a copy of the rules on .pdf. I am interested in any wargame from tactical to grand strategy. I am a novice to VASSAL but have some experience in hex based and region based wargaming.

Please let me know! Looking forward to some games!

I am looking for someone to play Julius Caesar by columbia games.

I have only played 6 games so far on vassal.

Let me know if you are interested.

Im down! Is PBEM ok? I get quite busy during the week

I can play these two games via PBEM with you:

Hello i would like to play cosmic encounter with you but we would need more players so i also make a new post to attract more players

would you like PBEM? I have a bunch of SPI games we could play for which I have the rules. Cedar Mtn, Frederick the Great (AH version), La Grande Armee, Thirty Years Quads, Battle of Monmouth, Winter War, and others. Also Battle of Prague Lobositz, and AH’s Assault on Crete

Hi I am open to play any game but am new to vassal so be gentle

I’m also available. Would prefer any AH game…

Hello. My group plays any WW2 titles. May I send you our manual for gaming?

Would you like to try a commando/special ops type game? Here are the rules for Raid on Iran, about the Iran Hostage rescue mission of 1980. Not too complex. Can be a real nail biter for the American player. Live Play only please.

Hope to hear from you,


Raid on Iran Rules: Raid on Iran (grognard.com)

Im down; can you send me a link? Your link isnt working.

Would you play Raid on Iran? Here’s the rules: Raid on Iran (grognard.com)

Do you want to try Raid on Iran?


Yes I just have to read through the rules. What timezone are you located in? I an in CET, we might be able to play live if you are in a similiar time zone.

Ok! I have read through; I think I would like to play a few turns (to a certain point) or an intro scenario to learn the rules in practice before tackling the full game.

Which side would you like to play?

I am in Eastern Time USA. Looks like you are 6 hours ahead of me. I am retired and am flexible but don’t wish to play beyond 12AM which would be 6AM in the morning for you. Please pick a day and time and I’ll set up a game and host. I’ll create a room called ROI. Please let me know when you want to start.

Best Wishes,


Ok- so I used to have a standing game night on Tuesday nights (Germany time) for live VASSAL gaming until this past spring.

I could restart that and do Tuesday nights around 1800 CET (1200 EST) if that works. At least until end if July.

What do you think?

That should be good but Tuesday 6/28 I have to do work for my parents. Most other Tuesdays should be good. If you can pick another day this week I can host but I’ll try and keep Tuesdays free through July.

Best Wishes,


Turns out I momentarily forgot this Tuesday was my wifes birthday so how fortuitous. Thursday or Friday of this week?