looking to play AH classics

Hello one and all,
I have known about Vassal for ages, but never invested the time to figure it out. Well, I finally did and I’m really excited now.
I am an old gamer since the 70s and have about that many games in my closet. But NO OPPONENTS!!! And it takes like forever
to get someone up to speed if you can even find someone who is interested in these kind of wargames. Looking for a challenge and hopefully a few wins :slight_smile:
I would like to play Midway, Afrika Korps, Blitzkreig, Kreigspeil, Panzer Blitz, simple Tobruk scenarios, I dunno almost anything that
AH developed…

I also played AH games in the late 70’s and recently found Vassal - I am an " old school " Blitzkrieg player - let me know if you want to play a few games.

Another old timer - I started with the AH classics in the late 50’s. I have been thinking for years I need to find folks with whom I can play remotely, but I finally googled “board games online” and here I am. I still have a number of AH favorites and other games and I’d like to try out some simple short games to see how it works. Things like scenarios of Across 5 Aprils, Panzer Blitz, Wooden Ships & Iron Men.

I would be interested in some of these games by PBEM using Vassal - Midway would be great, Anzio, Air Assault on Crete, Kingmaker (I think I can find a third player), PanzerArmee Afrika, 1914, Guns of August

Any of you guys interested in playing Kingmaker?
A friend and I are looking for 1-2 other to make it a game.

I’ve got a group playing WW2 Global Conflict which includes some of your titles. May I send you the manual for pbem gaming?

Some of those sound good!

I just found VASSAL / VASL and am trying to find opponents for Advanced Squad Leader

anyone still playing pb, pl (to start) - as for ASL - I will need my tax preparer and cpa to play that one. A few rounds of some basic scenarios pb or pl please.

Been playing since discovery of S&T in High School. What about a big game of the old version of War & Peace?
Mark R

There is an entire Facebook group for Classic Squad Leader and ASP.

Advanced Squad Leader

I’d be interested in playing some of the old Avalon Hill games too. Just looking through the list of available modules: 1776, Attack Sub, Bismarck, Kremlin, Submarine, War at Sea.


I only know GOA if you want to try it

I’ve played GOA! I also have a version of GOA that plays on a War in Europe map.

I’m interested in playing some PanzerBlitz and Wooden Ships and Iron Men, I dont have much experience with though. I found PanzerBlitz in my dad’s closet as a teenager and remember printing off the (lost) rulebook at the library and trying it out a bit with my brother. We also found WSIM at a thrift store or flea market and played that a bit.

i HAVE AN INTEREST in playing anything by e-mail. I love Russian Campaign or Panzer Blitz. Not interested in Squad Leader. A group of people for Diplomacy would be fun. Contact me.

The original War and Peace?

I remember Wooden Ships and Iron Men. I think I also got it at a thrift store many years ago. I probably played more solo that against other players. I would be willing to break it out and try it on VASSAL. PM me.


whoever would like to play something from the following Avalon Hill games can PM me:

  • Waterloo
  • Caesar’s Legions
  • Wooden Ships & Iron Men
  • The Longest Day
  • Stalingrad
  • Caesar: Epic Battle of Alesia
  • 1776
  • 1914
  • Chancellorsville
  • Bull Run

Are you still looking for opponents?

I have a cupboard of AH games that I’m keen to dust off.

Good morning to everybody,

I saw several messages from people looking from Avalon Hill’s opponents. Please contact me if you’re interested in playing (GMT+2; no PBEM) any of the following titles:

Caesar’s Legions;
Wooden Ships and Iron Men;
The Longest Day;
Caesar’s Epic Battle of Alesia;
Bull Run;

I also have the relevant files, for the above gamers