Mage Wars anyone?

Been itching to play a few games, wondering if anyone else is interested?

Got pre built starter books for quick straight to playing, but after trying it out a couple times I find its fairly fast and easy to build a new spell book up from scratch before a game.

Either or, I’m fine with starter books or custom made, or even a mix, what ever floats yer mage. :wink:

ummm… i don’t know this game, but it seems nice. Give me some day and i’ll play :smiley:

Okay, if you’d like, I can set up a demo game for introduction and learning the basics.

The game has a fair amount of complex rules, people have often compared it to Magic The Gathering, but with miniatures. :laughing:

You can look at the module here if you want:

And if you’re still interested, send me a PM and we can talk time and details.

I’ve been interested in playing this game for a while, but I haven’t been able to pick it up. This module helps a lot!
I would love to play it with you, although i would need the same kind of demo game you want to give/gave to Neoen.

If you’re interested, pm me and we can schedule a game in.

Ok, now i’m know how to play mage wars, however i’m totaly a noob. Now, how do u want to play? PBEM or in real time?

Real time would be nice, I’m actually on right now if you want to get on.

I can’t in these days, i send u a PM

Are you still looking for opponents? I can do Vassal or in person. I would be happy to play by e-mail. I can play in person on weekends. I am East Coast Standard Time. - Thanks.

I must note that I own Mage Wars and have only played it once. It is hard to find an opponent. I would love to learn this game better and play it more. However, this means you might have to hold my hand at first.

Yes I’m totally still up for more opponents. :slight_smile:

I haven’t tried a PBEM (Play By E-Mail) game yet, but I don’t reckon it will be too easy with this game, on account of enchantments mostly, so live vassal play is probably best.

I’ll send you a pm with a few more details.

Please lte me know when you would like to set up a date to play. The best days for me are on the weekends, but with a game like this I probably could fit in a weeknight.

I would like a little bit of an advanced notice to go over the rules to refresh my memory a little.

What time zone are you in?

Thank you.

Dear Reddeblu:

I have downloaded Mage Wars Version 1.0.

However, I am unable to download anything for the Wizard where it says text. All that happens when I do click on Wizard.txt is that I see code. When I use version 1.0, I do see the wizard card and there are cards available but they are not in the spellbook.

What should I do here?

Thank you.

You must right click the Starter Wizard.txt link, and click “save link as” for the moment.

I’m trying to get them replaced with .vdck files which will hopefully be easier to download, but the site doesn’t want to take them right now, though I believe that problem will be looked into sooner than later.

If that still doesn’t work, you might be able to copy all that text, and paste it into a new text document. Name it something appropriate and that should work as a loadable book. And if still that doesn’t do, I can send you the file directly over your program of choice.

Why don’t I make my own spell book using the rules from mage wars? I could save it and then I could use it in our game no?

If not I will try to do what you suggest.

I tooled around the with your game file this afternoon to see how it worked in comparison with the game’s functions. On thing I noticed is that one does nto want to close out the turn function (that lists the steps in a turn). There seems to be no way to get it back.

Also how do we keep track of what the other player is doing on their channeling/hit points board?

Ok. Thank you.


You can make your own spell book no problem. :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes the turn counter should never be closed, I noted this specific issue in the help file that comes with the module, under Help, How to use this module. (though I doubt many people ever look at that)

I’ve made a thread about possibly getting the turn counters functionality changed to make it more similar to a private window in how vassal handles its opening and closing, but have not gotten a response yet.

If people really find it to be an annoying problem, then I’ll add a button that can toggle the turn counter on and off.

Both players channeling/hit points/status boards are both viewable to both players by simply clicking the Status button, and then selecting the player whose board you wish to view. You cannot move the pieces on your opponents board and vice versa. As well all changes on a board, both yours and your opponents, are reported in the main chat window for ease.

Id hate to say this but this is the opponents wanted forum, and I already have a thread for general discussion of the module itself here:
So if it isn’t too much trouble further post concerning general talk of the module would be nice to have there instead, thanks. :slight_smile:

Now that 3.0 is out, anyone looking for a Mage Wars opponent? I’m eager to actually get to “play” the game and not just test it any longer. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d definitely be up for a game. It really has to have a set date and time though…

Of course, well have to figure time zones first, then any day that’s good for you is fine. :slight_smile: Want to PM over this?

If anyone still interested, I’m up for some MW gaming :smiley:

Hey guys I’m new to Vassal. Looking to get a chance to play more Mage Wars. If anyone is interested, I am often available on Mondays and Fridays. Message me to set up a time. Thanks!