Making a Vassal module from scratch- need help.

Hey guys,

i am attempting to make my first vassal module, i need a few special things though.

Firstly, i need some way in which players can choose a card, and then show them simultaneously if this makes sense.

Basically, each player has a character and has to simultaneously reveal what their character is going to do, is there any way to achieve this?

Also, if anyone is interested in helping me make it- it is for a game i have written either leave me a message or email me at

also, i am sorry i can’t give more details but i have to hold it close to my chest for now for various reasons, mainly as this will be a closed testing module

Download the BattleCON Demo mod. It sounds like your game would be similar. You will need a second person to test it with though …it doesn’t work well with one person.

You don’t NEED to reveal cards simultaneously. Once each player has placed one face down on the table, they can be revealed in any order. Unless a player is able to snatch away his played card to play something else, then it doesn’t matter if they are reveal at the same time or not.

In that case, they can just be turned over with whatever command has been given to the Mask trait whenever the card needs to be revealed.