Map Expresion does not work

Hi all,

I am update the Vietnam VG module and there are one expresion I need to use that don’t work properly.
I need that a tigger option will be used when a property match. The property is that a units move form one board to a specific map (NLFE). I use this expresion:


Is the expresion writtes incorrectly or I have to wath in other element for solve the problem?

Anticipate thansk for your advice.

Looks ok to me. I assume that your map name is NFLE, not including the (brackets) ? Maybe there is something else wrong.

For instance, is the movement Key Command configured on the map the same as used by the Trigger ?

Aside from this; if you are able to configure a Movement Key Command unique to the map NFLE, then your units’ Trigger expression could just be : {CurrentMap != OldMap}