Map "Layer" Visible Only to Owning Player or Side?

Is it possible to have a map layer (.png with transparency) that fits directly over, say, the main map, that can be turned on and off, but ONLY by the “owning” player or side?

What I would like to do is have a layer with planning graphics available to each side, that is pre-built and ready to be laid over the overall playing area, but UNDERNEATH all pieces currently on that main play area.

Any insight would be appreciated!


Hi !
yes it’s possible, I made some layers to indicate weather conditions on the map.

You place an ad start stack on your map with your piece (png), first side empty and a layer that can activate your piece.
The activation is made by a global key command that appaers on the toolbar.

I use the Empire of the Sun example of Kwai Bridge to realize my module.

To restrict the access to one side, just use the restricted access trait in your piece

Perfect! I figured it was simple, and had already been going down that route!