Map layers for pieces and markers

I have a special type of “marker” that I want to use as an objective hex designator: I’ve got it set up to be hex-form-fitting and with a tint on it that makes it easy to see, yet doesn’t block seeing the map graphics below it; and I’ve set it up to change the color of the tint according to which side, or neither side, controls it.

Now, that being said, I want to place all these “markers” on their own layer, so that I can have a show/hide button that only toggles these markers on and off (along with a separate Show/hide marker that works for the rest of the pieces).

I have already set up a [Game Piece Layers] folder with a [Game Piece Layer Control] inside it.

What I can’t figure out is, how do I “assign” my objective hex markers to only appear on the “Objective” Level, and also, how do I assign every other piece to appear on the “Terrain” level I’ve set up in [Game Piece Layers]; Is it a “Trait” on each piece or prototype? Is it a Property (and if so how do I assign it)?

I find I quickly get lost in all these Traints, Properties, Expressions, etc., etc., especially when each is buried inside its own Properties dialog.

Any help on this?

Yes to both, using a Marker trait. A Marker trait (not to be confused with Place Marker trait which uses the term in the same way you are with your designated hexes) assigns a permanent property for that particular piece or prototype… so it works exactly the same way as a Dynamic Property trait, apart from the latter being adjustable.

So if your map’s game piece layer is named: MainMapLayer, the Marker trait would have Name: MainMapLayer, Value: Objective. The others would then use MainMapLayer=Terrain properties. I assume Terrain would be the higher of the two levels (lower in order).

Hope that helps.

Not only does it help, it actually makes sense to me, reading it without the benefit of having the module up in front of me!

I’ll try it out when I get home from work!


Edit: Are you also saying I have to put a marker trait on all the other piece types (the prototypes), so that they all have a Marker trait that corresponds to one of the layers? And then, the Show/Hide buttons will basically show or hide all the pieces on either of the layers? Is that correct?

This begs the question of why the Standard Show/Hide button has no provision in it for adding a layer trait? It’s an “all or none” proposition…

Cool. Good luck!

You’ll be happy to know I got it to work like I want. I did have to take leave of the “stock” Hide Pieces button, with its two states, but I just replaced it with another Game Layer Control button that does the trick!

Thanks for the steerage!!

Sounds unneeded now, but I checked the Designer’s Guide and it says pieces not corresponding to any of a map’s layers will be displayed on the top layer.

I did notice that, thanks.

I ended up having to put all the pieces and prototypes except for the Objective hex markers on the same layer. Otherwise, the Show/Hide Pieces would always toggle EVERYTHING, even after I set the Objective hex markers to their own layer. That’s also why I had to stop using the single Show/Hide Pieces button, because it had no ability to distinguish. In the end I made TWO toggle visibility buttons, one for the Objective markers, and one for everything else.

Next step is to get those Objective Hexes to automatically calculate an overall morale value… but at least I got this far. It really helps for the players to simply be able to see all the Objective hexes at a glance.