Map menu button that presents choices?

I have, for an example, 40 Global Key Commands, three or four of which get fired off in order by each of my 14 Multi-Action Buttons (the numbers do not multiply out because some multi-actions share some Global Key Commands in common). But 14 buttons is too many for what is really needed and it is preferred to group them in turn in a natural way into perhaps 4 buttons that would each expose a subset of those 14 multi-actions to the user in a more friendly interface.


Can one set up a button that when pressed offered the user a choice, even a simple numeric one, and the command executed would be based on that choice rather than hard-coded to the button?

Is there a way to use some existing items in the editor to produce an interface like that?

Use Toolbar Menus. Toolbar Menus can have other toolbar menus as itmes, so you can have a cascading set of sub-menus that appear when click on the main button.

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I completely missed that!

Can a Toolbar Menu item have a multi-action (ie a sequence of Global Key Commands like a Multi-Action Button has)? Or can a Toolbar Menu Item somehow call a command that calls a (hidden, but how?) multi-action button?

Thanks Brent. I will look into this tonight when I return from day-early Mothers’ Day festivities and hopefully that will fit the bill. It should, if I can do MAB things with a menu item then that is actually exactly what I was looking for.

You can add them to either the Module or to a map.

In the toolbar menu, you reference the Button text of an existing Toolbar button. That button is removed from the toolbar and added to the menu. If the button has an Icon, that appears in the menu also. You can reference any Toolbar button at all, include multi-action buttons and other Toolbar menus.

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Just tried it (could not wait) and yep, that is exactly the ticket. Thanks Brent.