Map only visible to one side?

Is there a way to make a map or a map-window visible to only certain players, or sides?
I know how to do it with a player-hand, but it’s not jumping out at me for maps.

Thanks for any suggestions,
-Mark R.

You want to use a Private Map component.

Yeah, I knew about the private map component - I don’t think that’ll work for what I was trying to do.
Here’s the structure I was trying to create

[chart window menu]
…[tabbed panel] German stuff
…[map] Publicly visible German stuff
…[private map] Private German stuff
…[tabbed panel] Soviet Stuff
…[map] Publicly visible Soviet stuff
…[private map] Private Soviet stuff

I’m coming to the conclusion that structure isn’t possible with standard VASSAL components.

Thanks Brent,
-Mark R.