Map overlay VASSAL best practice?

I’ll eventually have to incorporate a small map overlay into a module I’m working on. It represents the destruction of some levees and the corresponding flooding of a section of river.

The physical overlay itself is small, perhaps 12 hexes in all, and would not be often used.

What’s the VASSAL best practice in this situation? Can I just make what would essentially be a monster counter and expect it to lineup nicely on the map?

Can I pin it to the map and have it be flipped “on” (visible) and “off” via a button on the menu bar?

Any suggestions are welcome. This implementation is down the road, but I’ve been thinking about it in my idle time lately.

Thank you!

The first thing that comes to mind would be to use a Place Marker trait to display the overlay when certain conditions apply or when a button is clicked.

Yes, you can make it a monster counter, but getting it to line up takes work.

You can either

a) Have it snap to the grid and use the Offsets in the Layer trait to adjust the actual position to match the grid


b) Make it non-stacking, never moving, never selecting and ignore grid and crate it in an At-start stack and adjust the initial position of the At-start stack to match the grid.

Sure. Don’t give it an image in the Basic Piece and put the map overflow into a Layer trait. Control it’s visibility by sending Activate Commands to it from a Global Key Command button on the Menu bar.


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