Map Window Issues

Ok. So I am creating a module that has a lot of map windows. So I created them with buttons and then created a toolbar menu to be able to select them from a dropdown box instead of the dozens of buttons. The only problem is that the first map window is showing is contents properly but when I select any other map windows the contents are blank. I know the buttons and menu are setup correctly because the names are in the box name, but its just not showing the maps for some reason. I have attached an image for example.

Ok. So I think I figured it out myself. I had to go into the map boards of each one and select “Default Bord Setup”. Not sure why, but they are all showing their boards now. Not sure if that is a glitch or the way it’s supposed to be.

Yes, sometimes that happens.

Just a suggestion, but unless you need to play all 10 scenarios simultaneously, you would usually set this up with just the 1 Map, with the 10 different boards defined under the one map. When you start a new game, you select which board you want to use. You can then save the game for that board and load the save game as a pre-defined scenario.


Yeah. I thought of that. But I want to be able to play the different boards while I am playing the game, not just 1 during each load of the game.