Map Window

I am looking to create a vassal for a Ship game where the counters have a picture of the ship and its name on them.

This means the counters all have a facing, where you can read the text.

The counters exist so cannot be changed. Unless someone has some bright idea for easily flipping them but making the text still readable.

But it means if the ships are sailing towards each other one has to be upside down.

So is there a way that you can have a map window that depending on the side is rotated 180 degrees. So that effectively each player is sitting on either side of the table (screen) like they could in the real world and their counters are readable and the opponents are upside down.

Other suggestions to sort this gratefully received.


I think the only way to do this is to edit the images to remove the text, then add the text back in as a separate layer. That allows you to make the counter image rotate but not the text.

Good suggestion on separating out the name, but just rotating the counter won’t be enough. You will need at least 2 different ship image layers, one for sailing east and one for sailing west to resolve the upside down ships issue.

I think I would use a different approach. I’d use the mouse-over stack viewer to display the ship names. This way the names would be correctly aligned no matter which way a ship faced.

Thanks for input, have to accept the upside down nature. not a big issue as the ships turn anyway.