Mark unit as "Moved" without moving it

Is there a property etc that can be set to allow a unit to be marked as moved without actually moving the counter? I want unit marked as being moved when taking replacements.

If there is a module that does this then let me know and I will reverse engineer it.

Thanks in advance

P.S. I tried searching the forums here but either go too many hits or the search terms were ignored. Apologies if I am missing something obvious.

If all else fails, you could always save its current location (CurrentX and CurrentY) to a pair of Dynamic Properties, move it to a temporary location (negative coordinates would be a good way to ensure it actually moves), then move it back to the saved coordinates.

If you have movement trails turned on, moving to negative coordinates would look pretty ugly, so instead move it a short distance from the saved coordinates, instead.

Not a property as such but the “Mark as Moved” trait. This trait defines the image that displays on a moved piece and allows a Key Command to be specified that will force this even when a piece has not physically moved.

When the Key Command is used on a unmoved piece, it operates on the piece just like moving the piece (ie the Moved property is set true on the piece). The Key Command is a “toggle” - so it will unmark a Moved piece (at the same time, resetting its movement trail, if any).

For an example, take a look at the “Unit*” prototypes in the commands and colors ancients or napoleonics module. In those modules, the Mark as Moved trait is keyed on Ctrl+O.


Thanks for the tip on the CC:A module.

I’m already using “Mark When Moved” & movement trails. The problem with that is it will toggle the move marker it off if the unit has already moved. i just want to make sure it is turned on.

I’ll experiment with moving it a little. Thanks for you ideas. Much appreciated.


I’d be more inclined to create a layer trait that showed a “reinforce” image. I’d also create a toolbar button that cleared both at once in all units.

The solution to that is to use a Trigger condition or Restrict Command to prevent the Mark When Moved action when you don’t want it to execute; the key is that the piece property “Moved” is set true when the move marker is active.

…and then there’s Stan’s layer suggestion.