Markers on counters

I have markers that I want to go on counters.
These markers are smaller than the counters and right now they are centered on the hex (like the counter) and they cover the counter’s center.
I don’t want them to be centered on the counter but to be placed on the left low corner of the counter.
How can I do that?
Thanks a lot

Don’t make the counters standalone pieces, but rather implement them as Layers on the piece that can be toggled on/off. Every Layer can positioned as you like using positive or negative values in the XY offsets.

thanks a lot Joel!

If for some reason you want them to remain as separate pieces, the other option is to make the marker the same size as the counter it goes on top of, but make most of it transparent, placing the actual image in the lower-left corner. The drawback is that this requires using a PNG (or GIF) image rather than a JPG, so the file size of the image would probably be larger. I think it also prevents clicking on the counter itself; any clicks would be interpreted by the marker.

thanks for the tip

Another (easier?) way is to make the piece a layer, of course, but it should be the same size as the piece on which you are placing the layer - that way, you don’t have to worry about the placement offset, which can be a pain. When I make layers that need to be available for a given piece, I use the base piece for size, then I draw the graphic where I want it to show on the piece, and export that layer as an individual .png. This way the piece is exactly where I want it, no adjusting necessary.

Of course, I use Adobe Photoshop, but any graphics program that allows for layers can be used. This is how I build units, and I usually have one Photoshop file with, at times, up to 30-60 layers, which I can turn on and off and export what I want. It makes EVERYTHING easier in the long run!