Markers specific to Map

Hi there
Is there a way of creating a marker that is locked specific to the map? For example a bridge destroyed marker. What I am finding is that the marker, stacked on the map with the units, can go marching off with the unit. The marker doesnt need to move - it just needs to record a change in the status of the hex or hexside.


Use either the Does Not Stack trait (can make the marker static after placement and keeps it from stacking with other things), or put the marker in a separate Game Piece Layer that draws below units and by definition will not stack with them.

The Does Not Stack trait has some drawbacks. As soon as you think it’s a good idea to make a piece totally immobile, someone will want the ability to do a takeback or change their mind about where to put the thing. So then you add the modifier to only be able to select/move the piece while holding down a key (Alt, Ctrl, or Shift)–but this tends to be completely opaque to users unless you document it very prominently, so people will end up complaining they can’t select/move the thing, not knowing that holding down a key is the way to do it.

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