Marking Cards - How can I do it?

I’m doing some work on a mod at the moment, everything is pretty much set, but I have been tasked with adding the actual cards from the game to the mod. These cards are marked in game with certain upgrades that can be purchased.

I would like to be able to put a red X over the specific points on the card. At the moment I have included the card as a basic piece with a layer that has two images, the face and the back of the card. Only the face has boxes that need to be marked.

Can this be done? If so what do I need to add?

Many thanks,

Here’s a sample. Just change the .ZIP to .vmod

When you run it, you’ll see 3 check boxes. You can check and uncheck them just by clicking on them.

This is set up as a game piece in an At-Start Stack but the same traits can be applied to cards.

thanks for that. It looks like it would do the job, but the thing is I have been asked to include the actual cards from the game. These are stat cards, not playing cards, and the check boxes are on the card already. I just want to be able to check them.

Should I be setting them up as cards, or basic pieces? They are double sided, with only the front facing requiring the check.

I looks like the checks are just layers, which I can do. But is it possible to make them only visible on the on side of the card? I currently have a layer with 2 images the front and back. Perhaps I should use two layers and hide the top to reveal the reverse side?

Thanks again for your help Doc!

That should be fine. But you will still need two images in each layers trait. One to show no check and one to show the check. This could just be a transparent image and a check image, either with or without the box.

You should set them up as cards if that is what you want. Cards are just a special type of piece, so the same technique would work for cards, as Dr. Nostromo indicated.

The visibility should be controlled by the mask trait, which you can use to hide all of the information and display a masked image. Just make sure you put the masked trait in the right place.

Thanks very much, I reckon I have my head around the idea. I’ve used regular pieces as when the player is selecting their models, theu can easily grab the card with the playing piece and put both into the army window.

Layers and Masks, I can do that! Tricky part will be getting the checks in the correct spot…

The Action Button trait that you would use to define the button on the card uses the top left corner of the button in relation to the center point of the card. For example, if the card is 100x200 and the top left of the button is located at 10x and 170y, here’s formula to determine it’s location in relation to the center point on the card:

X or Y = [Card Width / 2] - Location where you want it (change sign)

In this case

For X
100 / 2 = 50
50 - 10 = 40
Change sign = (-40)
X offset = (-40)

For Y
200 / 2 = 100
100 - 170 = (-70)
Change sign = 70
Y offset = 70