Mask and Peek

Hello Vassal Community<

I looked through the forum for a specific problem I’m having regarding mask.
I would like to mask my pieces and the opponent to each other on the board
but retain visibility to one’s own.
I made the back which will be added to all the units
All units have their own commands within the unit menu
CTRL-A activates the unit marker
I can change the elan value to it as the unit takes hits, or increase it if unit is rallied.
I can rotate x 4 sides (only for now later I’ll test 6)
(the elan value rotates as well, not sure how to go about fixing it in place)
I added the mask last, including a picture which is of the same dimension as the unit markers.
All units A and B side have their own scrollable list and they appear with the ‘active face’
When I move them from the list to the game map they don’t change to the mask side (visible to all sides)
On the game map portion these unit markers should only show the masked side which would need to be
flipped in combat, or revealed by scouting (I’m not automating any of these actions at the moment)
Both players if my mask is successful should see the ID of the unit but keep it
hidden until certain conditions are met (I cited two)
Can anyone help me ?
Thank You