Mask is duplicating across decks in the same window

Hi. Fairly good at module design but have a confounding problem. I have various decks in the same window that are used for separate counter draw piles. All of the counters mask traits are accurate (I did not copy the trait and apply it to each pile), and if you pull all of the counters out of a pile/deck and then return them, the correct mask starts working properly, but at game start all of piles/decks look the same. Am I missing something obvious?


There are a lot of ways to configure both decks and Mask traits. If you are able to post a copy of your work in progress module to some form of cloud storage, that will probably speed up diagnosis.

First question is, are you using a Scenario? If so, changes to the base module won’t show up in the scenario unless you Refresh Predefined Setups.

Thank you both. I figured it out - I had added a special counter to each pool that had a mask trait when pasted in - when I later edited all pieces it was not modifying the mask trait of that special piece and was messing up the mask trait for the whole deck. Solved now! Great community, thanks.