Masking problems

I have a module with cards and tokens. Cards must only be unmasked by the owner but the tokens by everyone. Is it possible to have both situations as the mask property is global?

the mask property is not a global. It is defined in the mask trait as to who can access the piece and view it

Specifically within the mask trait you have the options to define if the piece “can be masked by”
a. any side
b. any player or
c. any of the specified sides defined by module designer.

If your mask trait is within a prototype and you are using it universally for every piece, then you need to change your usage of it up by defining two different types of masks in separate prototypes. 1 for use with the cards and 1 for use with the tokens so you can specify their different accessability

Yes I know, but the problem is with “unmasked”. I think cards (or tokens) draw from a deck can’t be unmasked by anyone except who draw it. I found a solution. If you want to reveal the token you put it on a dummy empty deck,draw it, and then you can reveal it. Even if you drag the token to your private window you can reveal it then. Not the best solutions but I think they work

That is incorrect - the cases I list that the trait can perform are exactly how anyone can unmask a card if you set it up correctly

That seems redundant - Case C is made for this purpose. I think you need to examine how mask works a little more closely. It will do what you want.

Hi Mister Donegal,

I propose you a very simple solution :

  1. Declare in Global Options : Allow non-owners to unmask pieces to Always.

  2. Put a report trait to trace who have revealed cards, token …

Be this way, Then owner can see unmasked cards (depending of how about you have defined the Mask trait) and other players can reveal cards at the right moment !

Regards from Paris,