Mass Piece Loader Template Editor

Is there any documentation of this feature? I’m trying to automatically create counter fronts and backs at the same time. I was playing with this a few weeks ago and thought I sort of had it working, but now it doesn’t appear to do anything. All I could find by way of documentation was this thread, which is five and a half years old.


Not sure if there’s a particular order I need to follow when adding the images, defining the layer, etc. Here’s what I’m doing:

  1. Right-click on a scrollable list folder, choose “Add Multiple Pieces”.

  2. Select my image directory. This contains 280 front images and 280 back images labeled 001_front, 001_back, etc.

  3. Click “Edit Piece Template”. I create a layer with two levels, one for the counter front and the other for the back. For the first level, beside “Image name” I choose “Use Base Image”. For level 2, I choose “ends with” and type “_back”.

The result is a folder structure in the Mass Piece Loader window that nominally structures each piece into layers. But what I’m seeing isn’t right-instead of 280 double-sided counters, I’m getting 560 counters total, where the base image is on Level 1 of the Layer and Level 2 is blank.

If I try using “ends with” for both layers as that post suggests to do, I don’t see a folder structure in the mass piece loader at all. Any ideas?

The article you reference from 5 1/2 years ago is pretty much correct and current, nothing has changed since then. Section 2) c) describes why you are having a problem. The ‘ends with’ is in reference to the ‘base’ image. So an image named ‘100_back.png’ will match a base image of ‘100.png’. A base image of ‘100_front.png’ would require an image named ‘100_front_back.png’ to match in this case.