Mat and Mat Cargo - cargo isn't added to or stays on the mat

I am finally getting up to speed on the current versions of Vassal, having stayed on 3.2.17 waiting for some stabilization. It looks like a lot of great additions were made. My first project is to update the End of Empire module, where some scenarios include very large stacks where a mat seems appropriate to help organize the units led by a leader or army off board marker.

My problem is that some pieces do not move or stay on the mat. I see that this feature requires use of layers, and I’ve added layers (marker, unit, terrain). The mat and military units use the “unit” layer, and after some initial adjusting I was able to get that work. The mat graphic includes some tracks for tracking total strength points and movement points remaining, and I am trying to add bingo chips (which have the marker trait “unit”, the same as the military counters). However, the chips don’t stay on the mat while the military units stay on the mat.

What might be happening and what sort of things should I verify to troubleshoot?

Check that you added the ‘Cargo’ trait to the chits.

That was it. Thanks for the fast response.