Matching Layer Levels

Ok. I want to match Layer Levels on two different pieces and not sure exactly how to do it.

I have one piece DieOne that has 6 Layer Levels named DieRollDie1. Below that I have 6 images representing each side of the die. I want to have a gold ring appear around the image representing the side of the die that was rolled, so if DieOne comes up on the 4th side, the image representing the 4th side would have a gold ring appear.

So, I created a layer level on the images representing the sides that also have 6 levels. The layer that matches the DieOne side has a gold ring while the others are blank. This layer has the “Follow Property Value”. But, I am not sure how to tie the two of them together.

Am I even thinking of this correctly?

Interesting setup. Here’s how I think you can tie them together:

  1. After DieOne rolls, have it update a global property, say, DieRollDie1_Result, using Set Global Property. Set Value Directly: $DieRollDie1_Level$
    2a) It may be that you can simply have the gold ring image layers follow this global property. If not:
    2b) Have DieOne issue a Global Key Command with matching property: BasicName = GoldRing_Indicator (or whatever name you have given to your ring images). When the ring images receive the Global Key Command, have them update a Dynamic Property from the global property. And Follow Property Value that dynamic property.