Matching Property Expression Issues

I set up a Game Piece Inventory Window with the following “match these properties” field:

Side = $PlayerSide$ && Supply Type =~ HQ|QM|ST|LP|GSP

(Side and Supply Type are Marker Traits that are set on the Game Pieces. I have Allied, Axis, and Solo sides)

This works as expected for Allied and Axis – only current PlayerSide pieces matching one of the Supply Type property values listed in the expression are shown in the Inventory Window.

If I add the following:

PlayerSide = Solo || Side = $PlayerSide$ && Supply Type =~ HQ|QM|ST|LP|GSP

It still works for Allied or Axis sides, only showing that side’s units that match the Supply Type.

But if I Retire to side Solo

This breaks and all Game Pieces on the board are shown, not just the pieces matching the Supply Type. The Supply Type regular expression check is ignored. The Designer’s Guide says that OR functions are evaluated before AND functions, and to my eyes this should work.

What am I doing wrong?