Mats in beta 7 and how to apply snap-to effects to cargo

So there’s a thing about mats I’m having trouble with.

In Napoleon’s Triumph, I have each side start with all their units and commanders in private hand windows. Players drag units to spaces vertically below their commanders, and they snap to a regular grid, all lined up nicely.

Now that the commanders are mats, the snapping to the regular grid does not occur - the units are cargo on the mats instead.

I have tried to fix this by having the commanders initially start off without any height beyond their name - so the cargo is not placed on them. Clicking a setup button activates a transparent layer that extends the area of the commander mats underneath the units, and sends the commanders to their predefined start positions on the main map.

However, this doesn’t work, because the cargo isn’t “on” the mat even after the mat increases in size (in the same way, shrinking a mat by changing a layer size does not “drop” cargo).

Is this working as intended? The only workaround that occurs to me is to have the setup button also send all the units away and back again, or maybe move them a pixel. Is that the best way to handle a situation like this? Or is there some way to have pieces snap to position on mats in the first place?


Ah, I found it. Mats now have a “key command to force attach”, nice!

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