Message Format: unable to get HTML color tags to work

As you can see, the follwing code works great:
{$ObscuredToOthers$ ? "<b>You activate the " + $ArtifactName$ + "!</b>" : ""}

But with a span style tag, like this one, I get a Bad Data in Module.
{$ObscuredToOthers$ ? "<span style="color:#ff6666;">You activate the " + $ArtifactName$ + "!</span>" : ""}

I guees it has to do with the quotation marks after the span style, but I do not know how to fix this.

Double quotes inside other double quotes will need to be ‘escaped’ with a \

{$ObscuredToOthers$ ? "<span style=\"color:#ff6666;\">You activate the " + $ArtifactName$ + "!</span>" : ""}