Mirror Pieces on a different map

Hi all,

Currently building a “double blind” game where there is a main map, and each player has their own private window. What I’m trying to do: When a player puts a game piece down on their map, that piece also appears on the main map.

Here are some ingredients that should help:

movement key command configured on the player map
means of mapping locations on the player map to the main map (presumably same grid location scheme)

Traits on the piece:
Trigger on playerMapMovement key command to Clone the piece
Then you want the original piece or the cloned piece (which-ever works) to execute a Send to Location to the main map, using the same grid location as the current (player) map.

If you can’t get Clone to work (I’m not sure its as easy as it could be), you try Place Marker instead, specifying the Send to Location key command to execute when the marker is placed. This is more work as you need a unique Place Marker trait for each type of piece.

How does this sound?

It’s possible you could save yourself a LOT of time if you use invisibility on the same map instead. Have you considered this? If you have a piece that both sides should see and interact with you can make it visible. If one or more players should NOT see it or interact with it, just make it invisible to those sides. If you can use this approach instead, you could save yourself a tangled web of cross-map interactions and properties.


I’ll give that a shot. Apologies for the delay in replying, been away from the PC for a few days

Good pointers. I’ve already made the pieces invisible vis a vis their enemy (game starts and they don’t know where each other has put their units and all that good stuff) this is more so that when they are working in their “planning window” they don’t have to replicate all the pieces they just moved in the planning window on the main game map as well.

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