Modular board build as a puzzle


I’m looking in a way to create a modular board where part is fixed, and part is made of puzzle elements.
The would place the modular elements at first.
At this time, I could not have this work with multiple boards/maps as they don’t lock on main map positions.
So I use pieces, at start stack, that are moved by .
It works, but then, I have no way to create an irregular grid for each of these elements. So I have a hex grid, which is not as good.

Any idea how to make a real modular board, with a modular grid that depends on the puzzle piece ?

The game is Clank Space! 3 Big modules to place in the space ship … and they all have different positions for their boxes.

Thanks for your suggestions

I just noticed a Zone defined in a Multi-zoned Grid can have Properties. They can’t be created by a right click in the module designer, but they can be copied/paste from another Global Property definition.

Is there a way to use such a global property to deactivate a grid, and activate another one ?

That way, even if I use pieces to create my modular board, I can still apply a grid which is specific to each of these puzzle pieces.