Module finished but question about scenario file

Hi all,

I’m proud to say that I finally got my first ever Vassal module finished. It’s for the Montcalm & Wolfe game by Rob Markham. (With my own graphics from my older Cyberboard gamebox. A gamebox for which I got permission from Mr. Markham).

You can find the (untested) module here: Please let me know what you think of it.

Now I still do have a question about the startup thing. I manage to load a “save file” to do all the pre-game setup things. But that means that I have to deliver the module together with the save file. I noticed that other modules do have a preset setup without including such a save file.

How does that work? Or in other words, how can I include a scenario setup IN the module itself?


Search for pre-defined setup in the manual. ;) Or read my last post in this thread:

Aha, what I failed to see is that you don’t have to include the scenario file with the module. The moment you load it and save the module, it’s included.

Thanks Skorpio.