Module for Android Netrunner Core

Hello, I am producing a module of the original core set game (there is already a module for the NISEI version although none of the functionality I am asking about is contained in that module).

I can handle all of the cards and deck production, I am in the process of designing tokens.

The decks in AN are ‘owned’ - one for the Corporate player and one for the Runner, they are loaded into the module as .vdck files. The cards are then drawn into a hand and played to the board from there.

I would like help with two things.

The Corporate player hand needs to be able to send a random card draw either to the Runner player hand or maybe as an option to the board. The card then gets put back in the Corporate player hand, I guess that can be done ‘manually’.

The runner player needs to be able to be shown an amount of cards from the top of the Corporate players deck without the Corporate player knowing what those cards are, the cards need to go back on the deck in the same order they were drawn.

Any help would be appreciated.


There is a discussion on how to implement “peeking” the top cards of a deck that might help you here: