module ownership

I apologize if this is answered in a FAQ somewhere.

Are the module source code available somewhere? Are they controlled by the original author? Say a module owner is no longer interested in maintaining a game–is there a way to change management of the code for that module?

Unless a module author has used their own coding to inhibit access to the module, any module can be opened and modified by anyone in the Vassal editor.

If there’s a module that you wish to modify for public release, I believe the general rule of thumb is to make every attempt to contact the original module author for permission.

There are some modules that have become orphans. In that case, you should make sure to give credit to the original author (if possible) as well as yourself for the modifications.

thanks! Where do I get info on the VASSAL editor?

The Vassal editor has help files and the main Vassal site has some documentation and FAQ’s

Once you’ve gone through that, you can ask questions here for clarification on things.

This is something we don’t have a formal policy on. If you’re talking about custom Java classes for a module, most of those I’ve seen have been released without any license information (which is bad practice, but I think most module designers aren’t aware that they should).

If you’re just talking about maintainership for a module—module pages in the wiki should list who the current module maintainer is. Lots of modules don’t have maintainers right now. I suspect that players would be grateful to have their modules maintained if you wanted to volunteer.