Module page edit not approved?

I recently posted my first module (Morituri te Salutamus), it was approved the next day and all was almost well . . . I found 2 problems: 1-the card deck wasn’t set to shuffle on startup and 2-It wouldn’t allow me to pick a side.
The card deck was an easy fix and I eventually found a few threads saying that if I saved the module being edited while I had a player selected it would produce that problem. I made those changes, saved it under a different filename and edited the module page to add a v1.1 link while keeping the original v1.0.
That was a couple of days ago. I’ve checked module page several times since then and, even though the edit was still pending, the info for v1.1 was there and I could click “Show Preview” and see the edit. However, this morning I checked the page and the edit is no longer there. The “Editing Module” page has reverted back to the original info with only v1.0 info and no link to the new version.
What would be the reason behind that?: Did I do something wrong? Did I unknowingly make a faux pas in my handling of it? Should I just try again or is there some facet of the situation I missed and need to address before I do so?

I can see from the log that the change was rejected, but not why. Maybe @Tim_M can say?

On a side note, how would I access that log so that I could see that info and maybe save myself from wasting your time by asking stupid questions in the future?
I’m very new at this.

You can’t. The only way is to ask.

Understood. Thank you.

I haven’t heard from Tim_M, so I’m just going to try and reedit the page with my fingers crossed and hope I don’t screw it up again.

If you’re still having a problem a few days from now, let me know.

This was internally resolved. developer (SMHaggis) was using generic names I had to fix and replace - they were unaware of the edits

I do have a day job…

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Thanks. I will remember that for future edits and try to be more original with my naming conventions. :slight_smile: