Module similar to WH40K?

I’m thinking I should try my hand at making a module for our own game, F28, which is somewhat similar to other 28mm games such as WH40K, so I’d like to take a look at such a module to see how they are made. (Unfortunately, the WH40K module isn’t available) Can anyone recommend something similar?

So are you looking for some sort of “dudes on a map game”? One with miniatures? I doubt I have the answer, but if you flesh out your question a bit that might help someone else answer it.

However if you are just looking very a module to look at to see how VASSAL is done in practice, I am not sure it has to be terribly close to give you the ideas you need.

I’m not sure how I can flesh this out more - i’m looking for something where you can make your own “map” (like in a miniature game) and move figures “seamlessly” (like a miniatures game).

I already have some experience with other Vassal modules.

I guess I would have a look at ASL, Memoir 44 and Vast as all of those have somewhat modular maps I believe.

I imagine you want to treat map components as “pieces” and you will want to make use of the “layer” concept so that map components are at a lower level to figures etc.

Still other people may have better ideas.