Module Startup Text

Currently, when my Vassal module loads, it displays its name and version in the Chatlog. I would like a paragraph of information to be added after the name and version text. Is this possible?


No, but this might be a good candidate for a feature request.

There is no reason you cannot put the paragraph in the version field. See Twilight Struggle mod as an example

Thus spake “Tim M”:

I understand that this is the only way you can do it right now. But we
need to provide a message field in the future so that we don’t end up
with non-version numbers in the version number field.


Messages mailing list …

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Well that shouldn’t be too hard for me to code (I think)… let me look this
week after we get done dealing with INS, I know I have to add field to the
relevant jbox, just need to see where this stuff is and where it does its

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Actually - we already have the description field after version.

Any reason not to use this and have it echo?

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