Module Turn counter and Deck action Merger

I have a module feature that is supposed to draw 1 card from a deck and advance the Turn counter by one. It works on the first card but then when I draw the second, it advances 3 turns. On the third card it advances 4 more turns. I can send the file to anyone that would like to take a look. Or if you can help with instructions, I’m all ears.

I’ll take a look if you like. Do you have a cloud-drive or something you can link me to? (GoogleDrive or DropBox or something)

OK, I think I have good news. It appears that the FAC button draws a “Fast Action Card”…all good. Then, when you draw your next FAC with the button it draws another and places it on top of the pile. But, there are multiple cards in that pile AND every time you press the FAC button a “Ctl-A” global message is sent out to every piece on the board. Now you have multiple pieces on the board that have a “trigger” to respond to the “Ctl-A” message by advancing the clock. Every time you draw a FAC, you have an additional card on the board that receives the “Ctl-A” message and responds by advancing the time…hence a bunch of unintended clock advances. Check into it and let me know if I got it.

Sounds right. Not sure how to fix it at the moment

Instead of having the clock-setting response triggered from the cards, why not have a hidden piece or immobile piece that responds to the Ctl-A message to adjust the clock. That way, there will always only be one piece clock-setting.

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Clean, simple, and best of all… works. The puck now adusts the clock


Huzzah! Nice work. :grinning: