Module Update: Commands & Colors: Napoleonics v4.1.2


v4.1.2 of the Vassal module for Commands & Colors: Napoleonics is now available.

In addition to v4.1.1 changes, recently announced, this update resolves a couple of minor issues, provides left-click functionality for Combat/Rally Markers, fixes some minor issues and brings the module tutorial up to date.

For the full list of changes, review the v4.1.2 section of the change log.

*Version 4.1.2 is backward compatible with earlier version 4.1.x log and game files but upgrade is recommended as multi-hit combat accelerators may not fully work between versions *

Requires Vassal v3.6.6 or later. Recommended heap size: 1024 Mb (set in Preferences…General tab).

*New scenario creation is affected by a bug in Vassal v3.6.7. Until a fix is available, please use v3.6.6 if creating a new scenario.

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