Modules disappear from module library after upgrade

This isn’t intended and certainly isn’t normal. I never have to do this.

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Yes and no.

Yes, we intend to do more, smaller releases from here on, to reduce the time elapsed from a bug being reported to when it’s fixed and to help isolate when bugs were introduced.

No, we haven’t started doing that yet.

What you’re seeing now is a release pace typical of times in the past when we’ve only been fixing bugs—a release every one or two months.

That shouldn’t happen. We can look into it if you can provide more details.

Could the reason his new version isn’t “seeing” his installed modules be because maybe he’s uninstalling the old version first?
Hipshot, you don’t need to uninstall the old version first. Instead, just install the new version and it will overwrite the old.
I’m also on desktop (Win7, with 32-bit Vassal installed) and I’m not having your problem.

This isn’t a viable explanation because a user’s list of modules is stored in personal VASSAL preferences (e.g. on Windows this location is: C:\Users\user-name-here\AppData\Roaming\VASSAL\prefs). Uninstall or subsequent install of newer versions will only affect the core software (usually C:\Program Files\VASSAL)–user preferences are never removed or modified.



We need to see the prefs file before and after the problem occurs.

Phew! I saw this and thought modules were getting wiped from our website library lol!

It’s always happened to me I just assumed it was normal. I have to find every module and re open it. I don’t know if prefs are reset

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Exactly the opposite. This should never happen.

Are you able to make it happen any time you install Vassal? If so, please let us know. We need the help of someone who can reproduce the problem in order to troubleshoot it. Without that, this problem will never be fixed.

I notice this issue frequently too. As I install multiple versions of Vassal and sometimes switch between them I’d associated the issue with non-standard use. I’ll try and provide before and after prefs next time I see it happen.