Vassal 3.6.10 Released

VASSAL 3.6.10 Released

The VASSAL Team is happy to announce VASSAL 3.6.10.


  • NEW! 64-bit ARM packages: There are now MacOS and Windows packages for 64-bit ARM processors. If you have a Mac with an Apple Silicon CPU (which is a 64-bit ARM processor), we recommend using the 64-bit ARM build.
  • Code deprecated more than a year ago has been removed. Modules containing custom code using that code MUST be updated if they are to work with 3.6.
  • Things may be broken which worked previously. If you find a new bug, please report it.
  • Modules saved in 3.6 are not openable by earlier versions of VASSAL. We recommend keeping a backup copy of any pre-3.6 modules you plan to modify in 3.6 until you’ve verified that everything works to your satisfaction.


MacOS (64-bit ARM)
MacOS (64-bit x86)
Windows (64-bit ARM)
Windows (64-bit x86)
Windows (32-bit x86)

Changes since 3.6.9

Bug fixes

  • 11883: Fixed order of labels for “Select play mode” and “Enter your name” steps in the Welcome Wizard
  • 11879: NPE when cutting and pasting a GlobalPropertyFolder
  • 11860: Warn when same piece is both Mat and Mat Cargo
  • 11858: Clear all PieceSlot caches after loading extensions
  • 11846: Protect from null property results during search
  • 11823: NPE in GameRefresher when refreshing unnamed Decks
  • 11813: NPE in PieceSlot.getLocalizedConfigureName()
  • 11759: Do not allow negative number of Dice or Sides
  • 11748: NPE when cutting and pasting a prototype folder
  • 11455: Prevent NPE when adding empty KeyStrokes to list
  • 11452: Prevent NPE if invalid file specified in img tag

Changes since 3.6.8

Bug fixes

  • 11825: BoundsTracker once again repaints entire maps, reverting 11521
  • 11821: Include the AreaOfEffect bounds in the piece bounding box only if the AoE is visible
  • 11814: Ensure that valid BasicName property is used to identify piece when no translation is available
  • 11808: PieceCloner.clonePiece() should not expand inner pieces unconditionally
  • 11806: NotesWindow re-open assigns focus properly to retain caret position
  • 11805: Fixed NPE: tab.getTitleAt() can return null, so check for that

Other improvements

  • 11804: Log element name on build exception, if available
  • 11803: Report exceptions thrown while loading modules

See the Release Notes for descriptions of the changes in 3.6.

Minimum Requirements

VASSAL 3.6 requires Java 11 or later.

The Windows and MacOS packages have an appropriate version of Java bundled with them, so there is no need to install Java separately on those operating systems. On Linux, use your package manager to install Java 11 or later.

Help us test

Please report bugs in the Technical Support & Bugs category at the VASSAL forum.




Are these frequent updates the new mode? Agile is great for ph apps or web apps. Not for desktop where I have to reload my modules EVERY time. OR is that a new feature?

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