Modules for Expansions for Eclipse

I was just wondering if anyone was in the process for making modules for the 2 expansions for Eclipse. I love this game, but I am not at all savvy enough to be able to create the module (trust me, I’ve tried). I have all the artwork for the expansions if there is anyone that is willing to take on the task of creating the module. I will happily share the artwork. Let me know! :smiley:

I have added the expansions about a year ago for private pleasure. I also modified and further developed some game mechanics. After receiving the permission from Sampo Sikiö and I have created a new page for Eclipse with Extensions. It is waiting for approval to be published.

Extensions covered are:

  • Rise of the Ancients
  • Shadow of the Rift
  • Black Hole
  • Nebule
  • Pulsar
  • Ship Pack One
  • Supernova 2

I did not have access to the original art work so some of the images have been scanned using the actual board game pieces.

Page removed -add to the existing page

The module is now available under the right heading. Hope you will enjoy it!