Modules with lots of automation.

Can you refer me to a module with lots of automation? I want to see what vassal is capable of.

There is a ton of examples. Talon, Merchant and Marauders, Axis & Allies, Pandemic, and “Run,Fight, or Die”. I have done several Vassal modules and can say it is very powerful. Read the designer guide. Use automation to make repetitive or complex tasks simple, don’t try to enforce rules. There are multiple ways to do a lot of things. It is not as visually appealing as “Tabletopia”, but is 10 times better in terms of automation and “action buttons”.

Tabletop Simulator recently added LUA scripting too.

Take a look at The Siege of Jerusalem. There is a link to videos that show all of the automation. The module automates a lot of the complexity of the board game’s bookkeeping.