More than one offboard holding box in the same module...

I hope someone is still awake!

I need to make 6 different offboard holding boxes.

Copying another module, I’ve successfully used the Map Window function to create my first holding box, and can send units to and from it with prototypes and Send to Location traits.

I added a second board to this first map window, and I can send units to that one, BUT… when one starts the module one must choose between 1 of the 2 offboard holding boxes - it seems only one map can be loaded this way.

Ideally, I would like all these offboard boxes to sit under ONE main menu toolbar button, which when clicked would bring up a tabbed window with them all contained therein. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this before, but can’t remember in which module.

Help? :slight_smile:

I do believe I’ve just figured it out for myself, but I’d like an expert to review my solution to see if it’s the best practice, and if not please suggest an alternate method:

@Main module > Add Charts
@Charts > Add Tabbed Panel
@Tabbed Panel > Add Map, rename map
@Map > expand, rename Map Window, expand, add Board
@Board > rename
Point all Send-to’s from prototypes

This works nicely. Is this the best method?

Yep - Your situation is exactly what I designed it for.


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Awesome! Yay me! 8) ha