More than two sides/layers/levels

How do you create a counter with more than two states? I can do it with levels, and increment through them, but I want states with names (“Undamaged” “Damaged” “Unidentified”) that can be selected from the popup menu. I would assume that you just need three layers, but I can’t get that to work (since there’s no documentation).

So looking at another module I see how to do it with layers and cycle through them - but that seems not to be the optimum method.

And if you do it that way, just what is the point of layers?

Hello John…no answers but a follow up question in line with yours.

How about when you have added a layer and then add a level so that a counter on map can essentially flip, through a CTRL-xyz, to a second image, and then to a third image.

When then attempting to rotate the original counter, the layer/level images do not rotate with the base counter. Is there a work around?

There is more than one way besides cycling.
What you may be looking for is for the Layer to follow properties and use a dynamic property which will control what level is to be displayed - that way you do not have to cycle - simply select
There are modules demonstrating this

See the sticky thread about piece trait stack. The position of the Rotate trait affects everything above it so if you want to rotate a piece but not a specific layer on the piece you would place that layer trait below the rotate trait