Mouse Over and mask

I have a set of counters which have a Mask trait. Works fine except that I also use a a Mouse-Over Viewer for the main map with Display Text (units names) toggled on. Unfortunately hovering over the Masked counter displays the text.
Is there any way to turn the Mouse Over Viewer for Masked counters?
Or is there a way to replace the text when Masked?
Or a better way to Mask counters?

I am using version 3.1.18

Thank you!


Yes, in the properties for the Mouseover Stack Viewer, you can specify a property filter - under ‘Include individual pieces’:
ObscuredToOthers = false
Or, better, do:
PieceName !=
…which will allow the owning player to mouseover the piece, but not the other players.

Move the property trait (or Marker trait) above the Mask trait.

Some people prefer layers, but I don’t think that will do anything for you in this situation.


Hi Seth,

PieceName !=

I think this is the key though I am not certain on the syntax. In the Text Below Each Piece box I have $Piece Name$. Should this be:

$PieceName$$! = PieceName when Masked$

That’s what I have but the mouse over text reads as an example: 1/3rd Foot()

Thank you for your help.


I am not sure why you are having a problem. I have done lots and lots of block game modules, which are all masked pieces, and I have never had a problem with the mouse-over viewer. Perhaps you have not set up the mask trait correctly?

If you edit the mask trait, there is a field “Name when masked.” You put in that field what you want the opponent to see when the piece is masked and not its real name. For example, in the Columbia Games game “Crusader Rex”, this field contains “a Saracen” for all Saracen side blocks. When the Saracen player hovers over a stack of Saracen blocks, he sees their real piece names. When the Frank player does it, he sees the block backs and “a Saracen” under each one for the piece name.

This is also how it works when a player turns on movement reports. For example, if a movement report is “$pieceName” moves from $location$ to $location$", the piece owner will see " moves", but the opponent sees “a Saracen moves”.

I was referring to a different field altogether. As mentioned, PieceName should be hidden automatically by the Mask trait. I was assuming you were trying to access some other trait, such as a Marker or a Dynamic Property.

Check your Mask trait, specifically ‘Name when masked’.


Yeah! Got it. Thanks so much Seth. It’s looking good now!