Mouse-over display

I am using single pieces as well as Cards on the same map. I have given the single pieces a dynamic Property called Value. Im using the sum(propertyname) feature to get sums to display and are working correctly over my Single pieces.
i did not give my cards a Value property and do not wish them to have one. But now if i mouse over I get a question Mark above them. If I am looking for the “Value” property and the card does not have one, why does it try to display something? and display “?” ?


Are the cards Masked? The “?” is probably the default name for a masked card.

Check the Mask trait for each card (or its prototype), and look in ‘Name When Masked.’ You can either delete that or use a different property value.

Yes , you were correct. “?” was the current name for the mask. But if I clear it out and leave blank, it shows a “0”. I wish the sum(property) to affect the single pieces but not the cards. The cards do not have a Property called “value” so I’m not sure why its trying to total. I prefer it to just not do anything on the cards.

Also need help with using Sum(prperty) in Mouse-over . The total works and displays correctly, but If single pieces are hidden, still show total to everyone, need total hidden idf Pieces are hidden. Mask as name of “?”